about icon Ham Radio Exam is a program to help prepare for any of the FCC amateur radio exams (technician, general, or extra). The program allows you to take practice exams or answer all the questions in a section. You can save a list of questions to answer later. There are three versions of this software. A stand-alone application, a web application, and an Android App.

All versions have the following features:

• Take an unlimited number of practice exams.
• Study all questions in any of the exams.
• Study all questions from any subelement (topic) of any of the exams.
• Study all questions from any saved "Needs Work List" file. (The program stores a "Needs Work List" which is updated as the exam is taken. Any questions missed are added to the list. There is a checkbox on each question page allowing you to add or remove the question from the list. At the end of the test, you may save this list to a file.)
• You may choose whether or not to shuffle the questions (practice exams default to shuffled).
• You may check your answer immediately.
• When the test is finished, the results page lists all questions missed as well as the percentage of the questions answered that were correct. If it was a practice test, you are informed if you passed or failed.
• Text in the question may be selected, so you can copy and paste it somewhere else or do a web search on the text.

Stand-Alone Application

Full blown open source application which runs on MS Windows and Linux. It is open source and may be downloaded at Sourceforge.

Web Application

Free online web application that may be accessed at www.hamradioexam.org.

Android App

There are two versions of the Android App. The free version includes only the Technician pool and may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The second version includes all pools for a small fee and may be downloaded here. Both versions are ad free and don't need any special permissions.